How it works

All your memories in one App.

Simple Steps

Learn how to start displaying your memories.

Digital Photo Frame - Apple

Download the App from the App Store

Digital Photo Frame - Albums

Choose the album or multiple albums from the different sources you want to start displaying

Digital Photo Frame - Memories

Press the play button and start reliving your moments

Digital Photo Frame - Enjoy

That's all. Sit back & enjoy your memories!

Digital Photo Frame App


Discover all the features that Digital Photo Frame App offers.

Digital Photo Frame - Video

Video NEW

With video, your slideshow becomes even more alive.

Digital Photo Frame - Live Photos

Live Photos

The only Digital Photo Frame playing Apple Live Photos.

Digital Photo Frame - Dark Mode

Dark Mode

Enjoy our beautifully designed Dark Mode throughout the App.

Digital Photo Frame - Tablet

Any Device Size

We support any device from the smallest iPhone to the largest iPad.

Digital Photo Frame - Restoration State

Restoration State

The app will continue playing from where it stops if you lock the device for the night.

Digital Photo Frame - Ken Burns

Transition Types and Speed

Choose from more than 10 different transition types, including Ken Burns effect.

Digital Photo Frame - Shuffle


Let the App algorithm create a unique slideshow experience every time.

Digital Photo Frame - Auto-updates


New photos transition in constantly so you can see all the latest photos and videos.

Digital Photo Frame - Search

Quick Search

Find your content faster by searching through your collections, albums, moments...

Digital Photo Frame - Timer

Timer (Night time)

Set it to start and stop based on a daily schedule. Perfect for both the home and office.

Digital Photo Frame - Selection


Play all the media or select which specific albums or items you want to show.

Digital Photo Frame - Text

Font Size

The whole App is built with dynamic typography and adaptive layouts.


On-Screen Information

Digital Photo Frame - Weather


Display real-time weather information on top of the slideshow.

Digital Photo Frame - Date and Time

Date and Time

Display the current date and time on the slideshow. Use it as a calendar.

Digital Photo Frame - Air Quality Index

Air Quality Index

Display the current Air Quality Index from your location. Convenient for your life.

Digital Photo Frame - UV Index

UV Index

Display the current UV Index from your location so you are aware before leaving the house.


Image Sources

If you'd like to support a new source, please feel free to contact us and request it. We will continue working to add new sources requested by our users.

Digital Photo Frame - Photos App

Photos App

It supports, Albums, Shared Albums (iCloud), Smart Albums & Moments from your photo library.

Digital Photo Frame - Google Photos

Google Photos

Display and relive your memories taken directly from your Google Photos.

Digital Photo Frame - Flickr


Display Flickr public photos and curated collections, search photos by user or by any topic.

Digital Photo Frame - Unsplash


Display beautiful images and collections from Unsplash. Search them by any topic.