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How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime. Apple provides a great website explaining all the different ways to do it.

Why are you charging a subscription fee for Digital Photo Frame App?

It's because free Apps don't make money, and therefore can't survive. I'm an indie developer working on this App and I do my best implementing new feature requests, resolving issues, providing support to users in order to create a product/service that provides the best possible experiences with the resources I have. My goal is to keep listening to the users and keep improving this App so it can be the best option for people looking for a Digital Photo Frame either on iOS, Android, or the old school hardware digital photo frames.


What kind of information can I display when playing a slideshow?

When playing a slideshow you can display relevant information about the weather and the images or video being displayed. Weather-related you can choose to show temperature (Current temperature, minimum & maximum daily temperature, and humidity), air quality, UV index, and current date and time. Media related you can display (if available) location, creation date, IPTC caption or filename, and device name used to take the image.


What are the different image sources?

Digital Photo Frame currently supports images from the camera roll, albums, smart albums, moments, iCloud and shared photo streams, Google Photos, as well as public images from Flickr and Unsplash. If you would like another source, please send me an email.

Can I see my albums from iCloud?

Yes, your iCloud albums will appear on the menu under the Albums section and you will be able to explore the photos from any iCloud album or shared photo stream.

Can I set a timer to play the slideshow at a specific time?

Yes, through the slideshow settings screen you can select the start time and the end time and the slideshow will play with the selected album during that time.

Does the app work on the iPad or iPhone?

Yes, the app is compatible with the Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and it requires iOS 9.3 or later to work.

Is the app in my language?

The app is fully translated to English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese. We're currently working on adding new languages. If you would like the App in your language, please let us know and we'll prioritize it.

How can I prevent the device screen from going dark?

The App specifically prevents the device screen from going dark. There are some known issues with some combinations of some old devices and iOS versions. The solution to this is to set it manually in your Device Settings. You can do so by going to the Settings, Display and Brightness, Auto-Lock, and set it to never. Some work email accounts may not give the user the option to not lock that account. In that case, you may need to log out from that account in order to prevent screen dimming.

Can I suggest a new feature?

Yes, most of the features that the product has have been requested by users. You can contact me with a detailed explanation of what you would like the product to do.

How do I prevent others from switching Apps on the iPad?

See how guided access works: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202612.

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